Emergency Phone-in for ACE Hardware Workers in Davis

For decades Davis Ace Hardware has served our local communities during good and challenging times. With the current concerns over COVID-19, we are aggressively and actively focused on doing our part to keep our teams and customers safe, our stores clean and our shelves stocked.


Studies show* that paying for sick employees to stay home significantly reduces the spread of viral illnesses. Companies that do not provide paid sick leave to all employees are endangering their workers and customers. It is not enough to receive paid sick hours only after being proven sick and/or relying on the federal government to provide assistance. Currently, with no sick leave and reduced hours, employees are having to make a choice between going to work and being able to survive; these workers deserve to have their hard work and dedication be recognized by providing the appropriate financial benefit of no-clause sick paid leave and hazard pay.

We are asking you to help those employees by using your voice to pressure management and the corporate office of Davis ACE Hardware and Aggie ACE.


Please make at least one of this calls right now and share this post with your friends!


Who to contact

Davis Ace (530) 758-8000  ➔  Mike, or another manager or Email: mikeg@davisace.com

Aggie Ace (530) 302-3485  ➔  Shana, or another manager or  Email: shanat@aggieace.com

Corporate (714) 962-4160  ➔  Mark Schulein(President), dial ext. 126

Cell (949)584-4422  or Email: mark@crownhardware.com

➔  Frank Rogers (Exec. VP), dial ext. 100

Cell (714) 600-6160  Email: frank@crownhardware.com

➔  Guy Gonzales(Regional Manager)

Cell (253) 579-6381   Email: guy@crownhardware.com

➔  Alana (HR), dial ext. 109

Cell (714) 325-3367   Email: alana@crownhardware.com


General Script

Hi, is there a manager available that I can speak to?

Hi (manager’s name if they provide it), I’m a Davis resident and I’m calling today because I’m concerned about the frontline workers in our community. My understanding is that a lot of people working in customer service positions do not have paid sick time or hazard pay.

This worries me personally because studies show that paying for sick employees to stay home significantly reduces the spread of viral illnesses. It also worries me that members of my community are having to choose between the safety of us and our community and their own financial security. I appreciate the role that Ace Hardware plays in our community and it is important to me that the employees are taken care of. Can you please pass that message on to whoever has the ability to make policy changes?

Thank you so much for your time.


General guidelines

If you would like to not follow the script (and please, feel free to!) we do ask that you follow the following guidelines:

  • Be polite (this is kind of an obvious one)
  • Ask to speak to a manager (someone with more ability to change the landscape of the workplace should be hearing these requests)
  • Mention that you are a member of the Davis community (if true)

Your support for our workers, our business, and our community means everything to us. Thank you for taking the time to let our voices be heard in such a difficult time for all of us. Together, we ensure the safety and well-being of all Davisites, for those at home, and those on the frontline, keeping the shelves stocked. Flattening the curve is only possible if we take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and our neighbors. Thank you again, for your efforts, time, and conscience. Stay safe.

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