Who We Are

Sacramento Solidarity Network (Sacsol) uses our collective strength
as workers and neighbors to win fights through direct action.
When a boss or landlord is exploiting someone, we use a variety
of tactics (protest, publicizing the issue, organizing strikes, etc.) to
pressure them to do the right thing.

We are not experts, and we do this work voluntarily–hoping
that through our fights, you too will help others experiencing
injustice and exploitation. Through solidarity we can build strong
communities that aren’t afraid to fight for what’s right.

What We Fight For

Whether it’s an abusive boss, bad work, unfair rents, or having
to deal with a slumlord; we’ve all been there. In the thick of it, we
feel alone, but our problems are systemic, not individual. When
someone in authority hurts a person and gets away with it, it only
encourages more abusive behavior. When we stand up for each
other we can change our circumstances in ways that we can’t
alone. SacSol encourages people to stand up for one another
because no one will fight for us but ourselves. United, our voice
is much louder. Sacsol exists not just for one-time offenses,
but also works to build long-term unions at our jobs, buildings,
neighborhoods, and schools.

Why we fight

The problems we face are not random or temporary. They are part
of systematic exploitation and oppression due to capitalism and
the State. Basic survival needs shouldn’t be used as leverage to
force people into wage slavery or worse, be locked out of society.
We work for a life where everyone has the capacity to develop
themselves and their aspirations to the fullest extent possible,
and where our labor is aimed at both the common good and our
interests. We fight for a society that produces to meet its own
needs rather that endless production that benefits the few and
destroys the earth. Sacsol is an organization that unites our values
and methods with the goal for a world where hierarchy, exploitation,
and oppression are overcome and replaced with self-government,
equality, and solidarity. People of all political beliefs are
welcome to participate as long as they respect our aims.