Homophobic Eviction Near Sac State

In late Spring of 2019, Sacramento Solidarity Network attempted to stop an eviction of a foster youth near Sac State University.  Management had been targeting this individual because of his sexuality, and was claiming he never paid rent that had been paid.  Unfortunately we were unable to stop this eviction, but the individual ended up alright and is still housed, despite the best efforts of Property Management professionals to dispossess him.  Despite this eviction being blatantly discriminatory and thus illegal, a court upheld it because the professionals were more prepared for court than we were.

The timing of the situation strained our capacity and we were unable to achieve our intended result, but the individual no longer felt safe at these apartments.  We’re glad he was able to find another soon after.  We learned lessons from this experience and renewed our fighting spirit, so in that sense the outcome was positive, and we also know a lot more about these apartments and their managers now too, which may be of some use in the future.

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